Social media communities and forums provide some of the best platforms for building thought leadership in the digital space. Strategically targeted, interaction within these platforms can complement an organization’s in-person engagement efforts.

Businesses with an official website blog that they update on a regular basis to share knowledge, sets them up to attract new visitors, since an official website is one of the first places people go to research a business. Blogging can help a website’s traffic and exposure, as well as it’s visibility in searches. It has the added benefit of  keeping visitors engaged for longer periods of time on a site.

For businesses building their brand name, an excellent strategy is to have  guest bloggers. These can be employees, partners or brand ambassadors.  Businesses can also submit blog posts that are not already on their corporate blog to niche blog aggregators like Mashable (with an estimated 2.1 M monthly unique U.S. visitors as of October 2013) and Moz (with an estimated 37.1 M visits over September 2013).

The reputation of these sites is already well established, and they receive a high level of traffic. Posts on aggregators like Mashable and Moz can link back to a website or landing page, adding SEO and lead gen value in addition to the enhanced thought leadership strategy for the company.

As part of efforts to expand reach of blog readership, blog posts can be shared across various social networks where a target audience is most active. Interacting directly on these networks can provide additional opportunities to enhance thought leadership for a company.

Take Google Plus Communities for example. With an estimated 343 M users (June 2013). the Google Plus network currently has close to 140 K communities.  The Google Plus digital platform provides companies with  target audiences that are […]